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Volunteer Opportunity: C2 Montréal

A few days ago, C2 Montréal put out a call for “friendly and vivid volunteers” for its 2018 edition. If you have the time and the inclination, I strongly recommend volunteering at this year’s event.

I have worked with C2 Montréal on and off since 2012. I was part of its inaugural editorial team and am part of its current editorial team.

C2 helped me figure out a lot of things about life and work.

About five months before the first event in 2012, I was a casualty of layoffs at a Toronto-based advertising agency. When my former editor recommended me to C2, and C2 to me, I was working as a consultant, writing about music, and teaching at George Brown College.

I was in flux. Aside from the teaching, the work I was doing wasn’t particularly interesting or inspiring.

I wanted to go back to Montréal and see my friends. I said yes without a second thought and without really knowing what I was getting into.

C2 was described to me as a combination of a festival and a conference. The writing I contributed to the program suggested that a lot of smart, accomplished people from a variety of fields were going to be in the same place and that it was going to be awesome.

They were. It was.

Certain experiences you have offer you insights regarding who you are or want to be. That first edition showed me that there were other people who were interested in the same things I was, creative people interested in making things (and money) but who didn’t quite know how to make the pieces fit. And, of course, people who did.

There, I was fortunate enough to meet and work alongside people who were both interesting and interested. They too wanted to talk about thoughts, ideas, processes, platforms, and viewed technology as intrinsically connected to the betterment of life. It was an energizing and invigorating time. I made connections and friends that first year and through my continued relationship with C2, continue to make connections and friends.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the “idea of knowing you are looking for something without knowing what that thing is.” Six years ago, I was trying to figure out how to make something with my particular set of skills, scholarship, and interests. In a very real way, spending time at the inaugural C2 event helped me put a lot of ideas into motion.

Maybe it will happen to you too.