Hi, I’m Dave

I’m good with words and, some say, the internet.

If you can think of it, I’ve likely been paid to write it. This includes but is not limited to cover and feature articles for print and web; music, film, and book criticism; brochure, wireframe, and social media copy; jokes and speeches; press releases and press kits; video scripts; grants; and once upon a time I received an advance to write a book about my favourite band.

If you can envision bad writing, I’ve likely been paid to fix it. This includes but, again, is not limited to advertising and marketing copy; wireframe and social media copy; and everything in between, from wedding toasts to grant application boasts.

If you can imagine a web-based idea, platform, media offering, or advertising campaign, you can bet that someone like me has been brought in to advise on it. In many of those cases, the someone like me was, in fact, me.

Also, if you have ever watched a television show written by Aaron Sorkin, I can likely quote it.

I’m currently based in Montréal, where I live a quiet but fun life with my tiny girlfriend, who prefers la belle province to Southern California for some reason.

In my spare time, I indulge my various hobbies, pastimes, predilections and peccadilloes, including — but, yes, once again, not limited to — reading, travel, cooking, cycling, weight training, commodities trading, fantasy sports, and poker. As a rule, I do not golf.